National Mobile Billboard Advertising Campaign Kick Off


National Mobile Billboard Advertising Campaign Kick Off

ProtectSeniors.Org begins National Ad Campaign to educate Congress and Retirees

Washington, D.C.

September 18, 2006

ProtectSeniors.Org, a national legislative and lobbying organization created by the Association of BellTel Retirees to fight for the protection of retiree economic benefits will kick off a two week, seven state & District of Columbia mobile ad campaign in New York State.

Over the course of two weeks, the 8 x 16 foot mobile billboard will travel through the streets and highways of New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, New Jersey and Connecticut with a message to the Members of the U.S. Congress.  The mobile billboard reads "Members of Congress, America's retirees are watching...Pay Attention!  We Vote!"

Here is the route - you are encouraged to come out and participate:

-    The kick off press conference was held in Mineola, Long Island, NY  at 10 am on Tuesday, September 19, at 100 Supreme Court Drive, South Steps. Below, press gets an ear & eye full. Click for larger image view. Use your browser BACK button to return to this page.

BellTel VP & CFO Bob Rehm speaks with TV reportersa
Retirees Peggy Cronin Hannan and Cathy Wilder hand out ProtectSeniors.Org brochures

Jim Casey, President of ProtectSeniors.Org, dicusses Retirees, "earned" healthcare benefit with Channel 3 News (CBS) in Norfolk, Virginia

Bob Rehm hands out 50 brochures to John, an attorney who does volunteer work with Senior Center
Jim Casey explains HR1322 to Norfolk Retirees
Click her to download on-air video clip of Jim's Norfolk Interview. (1megabyte file size)

Or go to this link to see streaming video.

See Trenton Clip See New York Clip Tom Butler discusses Retire earned benefits

- The billboard traveled south to Newark, DE and circulated through the Christiana Mall and made stops at Macys sometime between 2:30 and 3 pm on Tuesday.

- From there the billboard went to Baltimore, MD where it circulated and made a stop on Wednesday, September 20, at 1 E. Pratt Street at 10:30 am, near the Convention Center and across from the Verizon Maryland Headquarters Building for a press conference.

- We then traveled south to Washington, DC and circulated thoughout the city.  A press Conference was held at 10 am Thursday, September 21 at the Cannon House Office Building on Independence Avenue.

- The billboard then continued south to Virginia with a stop for a press conference in Virginia Beach on Friday, September 22, at 10 am outside the Doubletree Hotel at 880 North Military Highway, Norfolk, VA.

- Richmond, VA was the next stop outside the Richmond Times Dispatch, 300 E. Franklin Street at 4:30 pm on Friday.

- On Saturday, September 23 a stop was made at 12 noon in front of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA and then went on to Staunton, VA .  At 4 pm it was in front of the News Leader at 4 pm.

- On Sunday we headed north into Pennsylvania and stopped in Carlisle, PA outside the Sentinel at 1:30 pm

- Monday we held a press conference in Trenton, NJ in front of the State House, 125 West State Street at 10 am.

- The billboard then traveled to Stamford, Connecticut and stop on Tuesday at 10 am at the Stamford Government Center, 888 Washington Blvd.

- Tuesday afternoon the billboard went to New York City for a press conference at 26 Federal Plaza, between Duane/Worth Street, off Broadway.  The press conference was held at 2 pm.

The ad campaign was designed to highlight retirees' concerns regarding Corporate America's elimination and reductions to retiree subsidized healthcare and to draw attention to the formation of the activist group earlier this year.  For thousands of retirees, healthcare benefits have been slashed or completely eliminated, forcing them to pay more of their medical expenses out of pocket, return to the workforce on a part-time or full-time basis or, in some cases, sell their homes.

Among ProtectSeniors.Org priorities in 2006 is the passage of H.R. 1322, the Emergency Retiree Health Benefits Protection Act through Congress.  H.R. 1322 would make it illegal for a corporation to take away or diminish health benefits earned by retirees and that were promised to them during their working years in lieu of salary or hourly wages.

Retiree Healthcare benefits are an earned benefit from employers, not a gift.  The time has come to reverse the national trend and make it illegal to steal retirees' earned benefits.  Retirees are now the single largest voting block in America, we are getting stronger and we are determined to make sure that our benefits are protected.

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