Instructions for How to Take Action Online

We want everyone who visits ProtectSeniors.Org to get involved and contact their Members of Congress about saving retiree health care.  These step-by-step instructions below will help you send a message and share your concerns with your elected officials. Keep in mind that when we refer to "click" we mean you should press the left mouse button on a 2- or 3-button mouse:

  1. Locate the box that says “Write to Congress” at the top of this page.
  2. Point your mouse on the white box below the words “Enter Your ZIP Code,” click once and fill in your 5-digit zip code .
  3. Point your mouse to the word “Go” and click once.
  4. You will be taken to a new screen that displays all of the contact information for your elected officials.
  5. Under the words “Action Alert!” are any messages ProtectSeniors.Org has composed as drafts. Choose which one you would like to send and click your mouse on the words, “Click Here.”
  6. First, choose whether you would like to send this as an email or a printed letter by clicking on the circle under your selection (email is the option that is preselected by the system).
  7. The subject of the message you will send has suggested text already written.  You may change this by clicking your mouse in the text box and typing what you wish.
  8. ProtectSeniors.Org has written a sample letter in the next section.  We encourage you to change this to include your personal story and concerns.  Click your mouse in the text box and type any additions or delete any text you do not wish to send.
  9. The closing of the message is preselected as “Regards,”.  Again, you may personalize this section by clicking your mouse in the box and typing your desired closing.
  10. Enter your name as you would like your representative to see it in the box under “Your Name:” by clicking in the box and typing your name.
  11. Enter your Sender Information in the boxes as requested.  For each, click on the box with your mouse and enter text as you would like it to appear.  The boxes with the red asterisk (*) are required in order to send your message.
  12. Once you have proofread your message and all personal information, point your mouse to the blue box that says “Send Message.”  Click on the blue box once.
  13. Some elected officials require senders to enter a validation code before their message can be sent.  If your representative requires this, you will see a screen requesting this information next. Enter the letters you see into the box next to the words “Validation code:” then click once on the blue box that says “Send Message.”

Thank you for taking action and supporting our efforts to save earned retiree health benefits!









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